Air Italy has signed a Special Prorate
Agreement with Aegean Airlines.

The agreement means that Air Italy passengers
travelling from Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Miami, New York and Toronto can now easily
reach the Greek capital via Air Italy’s Milan Malpensa hub,
continuing with flights directly to Athens on Aegean Airlines.

Aegean Airlines Airbus A321 reg: SX-DVZ. Picture by Steven Howard of on 8 July 2019. Click to enlarge.

In addition, all Air Italy customers departing from the main
airports of central and southern Italy, such as Rome, Naples,
Palermo, Catania, Lamezia Terme, Cagliari and Olbia can now fly to Athens via Malpensa.

Aegean Airlines passengers will also be able to
connect more easily to Air Italy flights to Rome, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Lamezia Terme,
Cagliari and Olbia, connecting via Malpensa.

Rossen Dimitrov,
Air Italy’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “This partnership
between Air Italy and Aegean Airlines offers significant new
travel opportunities for the passengers of both carriers, adding a
wide range of options and attractive destinations to both airlines. With a large Greek expatriate population in the
United States and many Greeks wanting to access our Italian and US destinations, I’m confident this new SPA will bring many benefits
to both carriers as well as countless passengers of both airlines.”

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