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There is no better way to disconnect from your daily life than traveling. It changes you psychologically and physically. As you travel, you get to meet new people, new culture, taste new foods and experience lifestyle. It will help you see things in a different way. You will also get to appreciate small things that you have been taking for granted. Traveling also help to improve your health. Studies have shown that people who travel more are less likely to develop heart related diseases. It also helps to reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Traveling also helps to expand your social network and create memories that will last for a lifetime. Having little money or limited time is not an excuse. People who are on tight budget can also travel and explore the world by booking early and traveling on low seasons when there is massive discounts. Backpacking in Sikkim by Mr.Hotsia is a traveling guide that teaches you everything about traveling in Sikkim. All information included in this eBook is based on facts and real life experience.In this article, we are going to review Backpacking in Sikkim by Mr.Hotsia eBook by telling you what it entails and its benefits.

Backpacking in Sikkim by Mr.Hotsia is a comprehensive eBook that gives a guide to people who are interested or looking forward to travel in Sikkim. This eBook will teach you on amazing places to visit in Sikkim, amazing culture of people living in Sikkim, foods to enjoy, how to get to various destinations, thing to carry with traveling to this amazingstate, the best time to visits Sikkim among many others. If you are a traveling enthusiast and you want to visit this amazing state, then this is a must have guide. It will teach you everything that you need to know when traveling to this small state of India. What makes this eBook unique is because it is based on real life experienced. Everything that has been include in this book is based on what the author experienced when he toured this state. This means that what you will learn from this book is exactly what you will experience when you visit this amazing state. You will get to learn many areas to visit when you tour Sikkim. In fact, you will discover new areas to visit that are fun but have never been mentioned before.

Backpacking in Sikkim eBook has been written By Mr.Hotsia, a traveling enthusiast. Mr.Hotsia loves traveling to new places to learn new culture, met new people, try new foods as well as explore nature. Mr.Hotsia was born in Thai, Samutprakan province and spent his entire childhood along the canal. He has worked in many sectors including the air force, the bank, government savings , the securities and exchange commission of Thailand, travelers form, among any others. Because of his love for nature, he decided to write the eBook to guide people who are traveling Sikkim. This book was compiled after his extensive trip in Sikkim.

History of Sikkim, a state in northern India including culture of Sikkim, cities of Sikkim and how the town was established

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