British Airways bid farewell to one of the most
iconic aircraft in its fleet this week, the Boeing 767.

Since British Airways operated its first 767 in
February 1990 on a short hop to Paris, the fleet of aircraft have
completed over 425,000 commercial flights.

 Frankfurt was the route
where enthusiasts could spot the 767 most frequently, with the
aircraft completing nearly 15,000 flights to and from the airport,
but the aircraft has also been used to serve routes from Abu
Dhabi, to Calgary and New York.

 While it was initially used for
long-haul, in recent years it has been reconfigured for use on
short-haul, including to Athens and Larnaca as well as on some
domestic routes.

The airline’s final two 767s are being retired
to St Athan in Wales.

Aircraft such as the Boeing 787-9 (pictured) and Airbus A350 are part of a major fleet modernisation project at British Airways. Click to enlarge.

British Airways Director
of Flight Operations, Captain Al Bridger, said, “The 767 has been
a brilliant part of our fleet, flying some of our most popular
routes and giving customers what was an industry-leading service
in its time. It’s fitting that as the final 767 leaves the fleet,
we take our 30th delivery of another industry-leading aircraft,
the 787, which offers customers an exceptional experience in the

The retirement comes as British Airways looks to
the future of its fleet. Just days ago, the airline took delivery
of its 30th Boeing 787 Dreamliner (pictured) – the newest aircraft in its
fleet. Not only is the Dreamliner around 40% quieter than
other aircraft, it also uses 20% less fuel than similarly
sized aircraft. This means a reduction in carbon dioxide and
nitrogen oxide emissions.

But it’s not just the 787 being added to British
Airways’ fleet. Later in the year the airline will take delivery
of another pioneering aircraft – its first Airbus A350, part of
the airline’s £4.5bn investment for customers over the next five

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