China Airlines has confirmed that it will
increase flights between Taipei and Palau in February.

The Taiwan-based airline will operate an additional flight
on Mondays, from 18 February
2019 onwards.

The soon-to-be thrice weekly service, flown by Boeing 737-800
passenger aircraft on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, will
provide travelers with more options. Flying from Taiwan to Palau
takes just four hours.

China Airlines Airbus A330-300 reg: B-18353. Picture taken by Steven Howard of at Changi Airport in Singapore. Click to enlarge.

China Airlines
began operating charter flights on the Taipei-Palau route in 2008.
Regular scheduled services were introduced in 2009 and the average
load-factor exceeded 80% last year.

 Palau Immigration Bureau
statistics indicate that the number of Taiwanese travelers to
Palau in 2018 grew by 16% over the previous year, an increase
second only to that of Korea

 Taiwan and Palau are continuing to
cooperate on a variety of programs and a mutual visa-waiver agreement
was signed between both parties on December 2018 to promote
tourism as well as cultural and business exchanges.

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