The Four Seasons Hotel Bogota and Four Seasons
Hotel Casa Medina Bogota are offering guests the chance to enjoy an exclusive tour
that provides
unique insights into the city’s creative underworld.

Led by
graffiti expert Camilo Fidel Ph.D., the tour will take guests to
view some of the most spectacular pieces of street art, as well as
offering on-hand expertise and insights that can’t be matched
anywhere else in the city.

In 2011, after a series of protests in the capital city of Bogota,
police decriminalised the act of graffiti in the city – and what
followed was a revolution of art.

Eight years ago, street
paintings were still common in the capital, but since legalisation,
masses of talented creatives have burst onto the scene using the
city as their expanding canvas.

The city allows artists to
paint any wall, as long as they have permission from the
building’s owner, or if public property, from the state.

artists have become famous, and some travel the world spreading
their messages, but all of them have their work displayed on the
streets of Bogota.

Creatives from across Colombia are represented
in the capital including Vital, from Cali, and La Plaga from

The term graffiti, which is derived from the Italian
word graffito, is known as one of the oldest arts to express
feelings or to make a political statement in the form of
scribbled, scratched or painted elements on walls or facades.

Graffiti Tour

Guests will be stunned at the works of
artists such as Chanoir, a Colombian creative who was raised in
France and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris.

Chanoir is
known for his prolific figures of colourful kittens with different
expressions and postures, which are inspired by the work of the
New York artist Keith Haring, as well as street art of the 70s and

Another artist featured on the tour is Vertigo Graffiti,
who has been prominent in the city since 2016. The Colombian
worked on a project to turn an industrial area of the city,
Distrito Graffiti, into an international area of exceptional

Other artists included on the tour include Pez,
who is a Spanish artist from Barcelona; Whatisadam, a Canadian;
and Jaune, a Belgian street painter.

Luxurious Street Art

The two Four Seasons hotels have special
packages available for those interested in learning about graffiti
in Bogota.

The Standard Package includes a
Superior, Deluxe or Premier Room, standard service transfer and
Graffiti Tour with Camilo Fidel at USD 699 per night with a
minimum of a three-night stay.

VIP package includes a Grand Premier Room for USD 799 per
night, the Graffiti Tour directed by Camilo Fidel and a luxury
service transfer. This package also has a minimum of a three-night

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