Exclusive interview with Alisa Phanthusak, Managing Director of Miss Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, about Miss International Queen 2019. In this interview, filmed on 23 February 2019, Steven Howard of TravelNewsAsia.com asks Khun Alisa to tell us how this year’s Miss International Queen will differ from last year’s and how many participants the event attracted this year. We also talk about where the contestants are coming from, whether the number of applicants looking to take part has increased, and what challenges the event still faces. Alisa tells us how people around the world will be able to watch the finals LIVE and which TV companies in Thailand will be covering the event. Steven asks what it means to crowned winner and what obligations must be fulfilled as part of the competition. Alisa also shares her thoughts on how this is such an important event in Thailand’s very important MICE industry, plus much, much more in the interview.

Why shoot this video in 4K UHD? Good question! The main reason I shot this interview in 4K UHD was that despite my camera, the Canon 1DX Mark II, being capable of shooting in 4K I had never, until now, made use of the function. Why? A 16-min 4K (4096 x 2160) takes up about 128GB of memory, and on this camera you can only record 4K UHD to CFast 2.0 Cards, which are very, very expensive. To give you an idea of just how expensive they are, a SanDisk CFast 2.0 Extreme Pro 256GB costs £498.88 on Amazon UK, while the 512GB version (which would only give me 64 minutes of 4K UHD ) is an eyewatering £697.99 (around THB 30,000). Then you must have sufficient extra HD storage on your laptop, backup devices etc to hold all this extra data. Shooting 4K UHD also takes longer to download from the camera, as well as render. Considering all these factors, I can currently only shoot 4K when I know that the video is highly unlikely to go over 16 minutes and when I only have that one video to shoot – two things which are not always the case. The reason I shot the video with Alisa Phanthusak in 4K UHD is because it was the only video I was shooting that day, and I knew that the video interview would not last more than 16 minutes. I can now use that video to test rendering speeds on my laptop, and also play around with different editing techniques such as pan, crop and zoom which allow you to take advantage of all that extra 4K data to make the video look more visually appealing, especially when only shooting with one camera, like I do most of the time. You won’t see any of these tests in this video, but you may see the results of my practice and testing in future 4K videos. In reality, the FHD 1920 x 1080 ALL-I that I shoot normally is already extremely impressive picture quality and shooting in 4K creates many more problems than worth at the moment. If I were shooting something else, other than an interview, such as perhaps a hotel room, pool, or FB outlet, where I am taking 10-15 second shots of different angles etc. then the 4K would probably make more sense. I remember when I started video, a friend said I did not need to shoot in FHD 1920×1080 as 720p was enough, well in hindsight I am glad that I did not listen to him, because 720p is nowhere nearly as nice as 1920×1080 and has futureproofed the work I have done much better. If you’d like to sponsor my 4K content by buying a few of those 512GB Sandisk CFast 2.0 cards, let me know – I need the support! Thank you. 🙂



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