[FHD video and podcast
] Maarten Voogd is the Co-Founder of Simonis Voogd
Yacht Design, the company responsible for designing the SV14
Two-Person Dinghy which has been created to allow disabled people
to safely sail themselves for the first time.

Maarten took time out of his busy schedule
to fly from Holland to attend the 15th annual Top of the Gulf
Regatta in Pattaya, Thailand where the boats he designed will be
racing for the first time.

Steven Howard of TravelNewsAsia.com sat
down with Maarten at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club on 1 May to ask him
more about the SV14 boats.

In this interview we discuss the
technology behind the boats, how many varieties there are and how
they differ.

Maarten tells us how the SV14 started,
why his company is involved and how the SV14 has been received
around the world and in which markets in particular.

We also discuss new technology and whether
3D printing and new materials could change the design and build of
the SV14 moving forward. All that and much, much more in the

Para Sailing and the SV14
Boat – Interview with Maarten Voogd, Yacht Designer


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