Smiths Detection has been awarded a
contract to deploy security inspection equipment and smart lanes
at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Japan.

The deployment includes a series
of automated lanes and X-ray scanners that aim to improve the
airports’ screening efficiencies and effectiveness.

 In addition,
CT scanners will be introduced, enabling automatic detection of
explosives while allowing passengers to keep liquids and
electronics in their hand luggage during screening. Semi-liquid
foods such as soup, jam and honey can remain in the bag as well.

Bags passing through an airport security x-ray machine. Picture by Steven Howard of Click to enlarge.

The checkpoint scanning systems and lanes are expected to be fully
installed at Chubu Centrair by the third quarter of 2019.

world-class tourist destination like Japan deserves world-class
airports,” said Takehara Hidekiyo, Managing Director, Smiths
Detection, Japan. “Raising security standards in airports has come
up on the national agenda, and Chubu Centrair has shown their full
commitment towards this goal. We are glad to help them on their
journey with our innovative, next-generation checkpoint solutions,
and to once again demonstrate our value in this highly important

The contract includes:

HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX: This ECAC
EDS CB C3-approved solution employs breakthrough computed
tomography (CT) technology to create precise 3D images of bag
contents, making it possible for passengers to keep liquids and electronics in their luggage during screening. Chubu Centrair
International Airport is only the second airport in the world to
install this product after Jeju International airport in South

iLane.evo: A modular and automated tray-handling system
with defined interfaces for remote-screening integration, designed
to remove bottlenecks and deliver a steady flow of trays.

HI-SCAN 6040-2is HR: An advanced dual-view X-ray inspection system
to facilitate automated screenings and enhance explosives

HI-SCAN 7555aTiX: An automatic explosives-detection
system that is able to scan items of non-standard, out-of-gauge
(OOG) dimensions.

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